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Definition of Health Insurance And Best Plans

Health is an efficiency level organism, but for mankind health for individuals according to World Health Organization, it is a state of complete physical and mental integrity, and not just the absence of the disease or disability.


Health insurance

Health insurance defined as one of insurance types that goes against the dangers of health conditions, It includes the costs of its examination and diagnosis,  and psychological & physical support. 

Also, it may provide an alternative for the individual if case he/she has health problems. And it is one of the health care of individuals or groups of people. Health insurance philosophy is based on risk pooling, which means collect injury risk of disease that infect the society or certain group. And that to collect the needed money to treat these diseases of individuals as much of their needs, which relieve burdens and cost implications when treatment of the pathological condition of the insured individual.

Health insurance is a social system based on solidarity and cooperation between individuals to endure what one of them is unable to bear, and insurance companies organize benefit from risk distribution for a small amount of fee.

Table of contents

  • Beginnings of health insurance.
  • أealth insurance goals.
  • Health insurance elements.
  • Health insurance funding sources.
  • Problems that facing health insurance.

Beginnings of health insurance

The first health insurance document was issued worldwide in Germany in 1883.

Health insurance goals

  • Providing health care for individuals and groups.
  • Insurance of health care costs for individuals and groups.
  • Allocation of health care costs, where everybody paying equal quota so that healthy persons cover health care costs for sick people.
  • Improve the level of medical services, By providing stable and continues financial resources.

Health insurance elements

  • The first side: which is insurance institution, it may be a government institution like the ministry of health or it may be a private institution like insurance companies.
  • The second side: Beneficiary, and he may be with him when subscribe for insurance or maybe with his family.
  • Contract, Indicates financial deduction for insurance and its foundations, which may be monthly, It may also include a deduction of a certain percentage of the costs of the medical procedure when it occurs, like paying 10% of detecting the doctor, or 5% of Hospital fees.
  • Nature of coverage, Includes diseases included for treatment and covered procedures, for example, some insurance companies refuse to correction of eyesight operations and considered it as plastic surgeryو This also applies to orthodontic treatment.
  • Health care provider,  which may be government institutions like ministry of health hospitals. Or it may be private institutions like private hospitals. This depends on signed contract between the two sides, for example Insurance contract may be required that a treatment must be on private hospitals.

The problems facing health insurance

  • Health insurance not covering all segments of society, that lead to expose that disadvantaged group of people to Impotence of the risk of disease treatment.
  • Decreased levels of health insuranceز

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